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Will Support YSRCP In AP General Elections: Owaisi

The MIM party Chief Owaisi the other day interacted with the Press only to declare his love and support to the opposition party of AP, YSRCP in the upcoming General Elections of AP. More details of this issue as follows:Along with TRS, MIM too hurt with the Babu entering the Telangana elections in the last month of the campaigning. Post the TRS’s win and MIM winning in a decent number of constituencies, the duo has slammed the Mahakutami, especially CBN for indulging in Telangana State Politics.


MIM leader Owaisi stated that TDP should be dethroned from the AP’s ruling as there is a lot of anti-incumbency going on among the voters. In this regard, the MIM party Chief claimed that he would support the Opposition party YSRCP to make his good friend YS Jagan as the CM of Andhra Pradesh.MIM and Rajasekhar Reddy’s family used to share good relations and it extended even after the demise of the legendary leader. We have seen many pictures of Jagan spending some quality time with the Owaisi families on the internet as well. With TRS and MIM supporting the Opposition party YSRCP, more than anti-incumbency, there is a huge chance for the voters of AP to have sympathy on TDP with regional feeling and vote to the CBN being the local leader.


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