KCR’s Clever Stand On AP Special Status

That Is Smart KCR For Andhra People

The second time Telangana CM KCR has showcased his Political brain yet again in the witness of Media. This TRS Chief’s response to his especially loved Andhra Pradesh’s burning problems became a sensation.Already KCR declared that he would foray into AP Politics for the sake of his Telugu people and also to give return gift to his frenemy Chandrababu Naidu. Not stopping there, he claimed that tons of his followers from AP are congratulating him for his success in the snap polls and demanding this leader to extend his party in the AP as well.


In his recent Press meet, a journalist aimed a lovely arrow to the KCR by questioning his stand regarding AP’s Special Category Status. KCR who opposed the Status in the past wittily replied that if the CM of AP, CBN has no clarity and stand on Status, how would he have one in this regard. This reply made headlines as it turned epic for instance but also denotes the Political brains of this senior leader of Telangana.If this is the case with the Status, forget expecting TRS entering into AP Politics and fight for its Funds, Projects, and Developments. Political experts state that KCR’s interest in AP Politics would limit to supporting Opposition to seek revenge on CBN.


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