Congress Plan To Rope Chiranjeevi For Telangana Election Campaign

Congress Plan To Rope Chiranjeevi For Telangana Election Campaign

The Congress leaders and high command are intending to approach their senior leader and Megastar Chiranjeevi to request campaign for congress in Telangana elections. The Telangana Congress leaders believed that chiranjeevi can pull maximum votes for party with his charisma and he is capable of pull the audience. In the interim Chiranjeevi is said to be occupied with syeraa movie shooting, yet the leaders are wanting to give it a shot in any case.

 Mr Chiranjeevi is Seemaandhra leader

In spite of the fact that there was some discussion that Mr Chiranjeevi is Seemaandhra leader, the party believing that movie can pull audience. But one can understand that movies are complete contrast to politics, no need to pen hopes that star hero image pull votes but star hero capable of pulling crowd for public meetings. People nowadays are coming to see them, hear them and after that simply overlook them. Later they need to vote as per their impulses and likes. This time they are as of now affected by the assistance that the Government stretched out to the strong network. Every farmer would vote in favor of KCR for the protection and that the money they would get from the Government apart from the insurance. TRS party had huge fan base, majority of the people vote for telangana because of sentiment and their trust on beloved leaders. Earlier, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Stated that he would not coming for telangana for election campaigns because our party doesn’t have enough strength to fight against KCR and TRS party.

fight against KCR and TRS party.

In Chiranjeevi case the same rule applies there is no doubt that chiranjeevi has huge fan following in movie industry but when comes to politics everyone knows that what happened to prajarajayam he failed to get enough seats to his party, The party not even got 20 seats in the state of United Andhra Pradesh, After serious setback from the audience he switch his loyalties to congress party which got serious backfire from audience. later he campaigned for congress and couldn’t get the voters. It’s very clear indication that he is failed as a politician and loved as hero by people. Political Pundits quoted that “Anything can Happen in Politics” Let See what he can do in upcoming Telangna elections.


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