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Case to be filed on Rahul Gandhi in Singapore?

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has Singapore audience in splits

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Indian National Congress (INC) party president Rahul Gandhi got himself into trouble once again. Rahul Gandhi took part in an interaction in Singapore yesterday. The official twitter handle of INC, posted a video, showing Rahul Gandhi answering in a humour manner for a question put up by two individuals.

The first question is asked by Prasenjit K. Basu, an Indian-origin Singaporean, an economist and author. He asked the question, ‘why is it that during the years that your family ruled India, India’s per capita income was growing less than world average? And it has grown substantially faster than global average after Modi became the PM’.

Suddenly, another gentleman stands from the audience and lauds Jawaharlal Nehru, and Congress rule. Rahul Gandhi, then said, these extreme views have reflected how polarized India has become… and continues to answer in a diplomatic tone.

In this context, Prasenjit K Basu raised an objected and tweeted to INC official twitter handle. His tweet read, ‘This is a classic fake-news video. You are using my image to falsely advertise your politician…’

The author warned that Rahul Gandhi should be prepared for prosecution in Singapore’s court if the video is not withdrawn. 

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