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Anchor Rashmi marries Sudigali Sudheer!

Anchor Rashmi And Sudigali Sudheer Aha Naa Pellanta Latest Promo

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Hot anchors and actress, Rashmi Gautam have reportedly married ‘Jabardasth’ show comedian, and actress Sudigali Sudheer in a typical Telugu-style wedding ceremony. The video of the same is doing rounds on social media.

Right from the initial days of the duo’s career, it has been heavily rumoured that they are dating. With the marriage video, these rumours have only become true.

There is a small shocker! Factually, Rashmi and Sudigali Sudheer got married. But it is a ‘fake’ wedding in which they took part. The marriage video of the couple is shot as a promotion for the ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’. A special show will be telecasted on the eve of Telugu New Year, Ugadi.

Though the wedding is fake, the amount of craze and hype it generated in a little span is enormous. Rashmi has outrightly denied any relationship with Sudheer, and the same is with Sudheer too. Putting everything to rest, the latest ‘fake wedding video’ became viral on social networking sites.

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