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HomelatestThis ‘Cow’ only likes Devotional songs | Listens daily for 5 hours

This ‘Cow’ only likes Devotional songs | Listens daily for 5 hours

This ‘Cow’ only likes Devotional songs  

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Right from kids to working people, using earphones become a culture. Whether they are in driving, or at home, we often find people plugged in with earphones. From hearing songs, lecture and even answering phone calls, earphone has become a must for anyone with a cellphone.

Similarly, a cow in Kothapally village, Maakloor Manda, Nizamabad district is fond of devotional songs. The cow goes by the name ‘Gowri’ in the locality. Gowri doesn’t hear any other songs except devotional songs.

According to its owner Srikanth, ‘There is a Rama temple in the village. Devotional songs are played from 4:30 to 6:30 in the morning. Gowri used to listen to the songs initially. Later, it used to leave the shed and go and sit in the temple premises and listen to the songs. On its way back to home, it used to thrash everything in its path. I was really worried seeing this.

One day I thought of a plan and got a memory card filled with devotional songs. The installed the memory card in a phone and tied the phone around Gowri’s (cow) neck. It stopped going to the temple. Gowri creates aruckus if she doesn’t get to hear the songs or any other songs are played.’

The cow hears devotional songs for 2 hours in the morning,1 hour in the afternoon and 2 hours in the evening.

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