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HomelatestCPI Leader Ramakrishna Calls KCR As Sikhandi

CPI Leader Ramakrishna Calls KCR As Sikhandi

CPI Leader Ramakrishna Calls KCR As Sikhandi

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CPI leader Ramakrishna made shocking comments on KCR and TRS party. Speaking at the press club, the communist party leader said that, ‘in the context of a no-confidence motion in the parliament, the TRS and AIDMK parties are playing the role of Sikhandi. ‘KCR is obstructing the no-confidence motion from being passed. He is behaving like Saindhava.

If he had any love and affection for the Andhra people, he would have co-operated in moving the no-confidence motion in the Parliament. KCR has struck a deal with Narendra Modi behind the doors. He is behaving as an agent to the PM.

In a way, he is actually guarding the Centre, by ensuring that, the no-confidence motion can be moved. The Centre is scared to come to a debate on the no-confidence motion. On 27th March, we will protest in the name of ‘Constitutional Conservation Day’ in front of Ambedkar’s statues in the state’, said CPI leader Ramakrishna.

It is understood that Communist Parties are likely to ally with Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena in the 2019 AP Assembly elections. It will be interesting to see how things will unfold in a coming couple of months.

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