Tuesday, November 29, 2022
HomelatestCPI Ramakrishna clears rumors on 99TV-Janasena deal

CPI Ramakrishna clears rumors on 99TV-Janasena deal

It is a known thing that the 99TV is now under the hands of Janasena Party. There were speculations that the Janasena party leaders bought the channel for 15+ crores in order to promote their party. In order to clear the air, 99TV’s ex co-owner CPI Ramakrishna comes to the rescue of Janasena’s credibility.In a recent interview given to a media channel, the CPI leader Ramakrishna opened up about the 99TV rumors. He stated that the CPI owned and backed 99TV incurred huge losses and it needed many lakhs of rupees to run the Channel and give wages to the employees. The moment the management and CPI decided to sell the Channel even though they hated the idea, Janasena’s National Secretary Thota Chandrasekhar Rao along with his brother bought the 99TV to continue its run.

the 99TV to continue its run.However, Ramakrishna doesn’t know the selling price as he is limited to the party affairs and the business deals are done by a special team. This communist leader claimed his happiness that his channel is now owned by Janasena Party which ideology is similar to that of Communists. So the party CPI is more than happy to give 99TV and its employees to Janasena and under the name of Pawan, the Channel would see new heights.It is indeed true and the channel 99TV is getting record TRPs ever. Due to the hatred of TV9 and ABN which are anti-Pawan Kalyan, the followers are sticking to this new channel which supports the Janasena and its agenda. But some observers say that the channel is still lacking in some regions as some dishes are not including 99TV in their packages.

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