I Will Give The Mother Of TRPs: Pawan Kalyan:

Pawan Kalyan Says Dishonoured My Mother For TRP

Pawan Kalyan Says Dishonoured My Mother For TRP

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The powerful people’s leader Pawan Kalyan has finally responded to the whole RGV-Sri Reddy abuse issue today morning. His tweets appear as terrific as him and they speak volumes about his future course of action.Pawan who shocked his followers by expressing his sorrow via his Twitter has declared the names of whole culprits of this issue. Stating that Nara Lokesh.

TV9 Ravi Prakash and some others along with RGV are the people behind this, he stated that he wants to die for failing to protect his mother’s self-respect. Not stopping there, this furious leader directly asked AP CM Chandrababu Naidu if he is aware of this whole issue or not. Pawan’s tweets showcased both his pain and agony which left his fans in vain.As the whole Telugu land has been busy discussing about this, his sudden visit to the Film Chamber is now raising many doubts. Even though there is no clarity over his visit, his new tweets hint a big issue is going to happen.

Janasena Supreme added a new culprit named ABN Radha Krishna as one of the conspirers behind this issue. Pawan also claimed that media like TV9, ABN along with a couple of other channels are craving for TRPs on his mother’s agony. With rather staggering tone, he declared that he will give The Mother of TRPs very soon and asked all to wait for it. After a small enquiry, it came to know that he had been to Film Chamber and met his brother Nagababu along with some layers. Now we can decode that Pawan is going to take legal action on RGV first and the list continuous.

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