PK To Start A Legal Battle On Sri Reddy And RGV!

Pawan Kalyan Legal Battle On Sri Reddy And RGV

Pawan Kalyan Legal Battle On Sri Reddy And RGV

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There’s possibly nothing that could save the duo; Ram Gopal Varma and Sri Reddy, from Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan. Along with his brother Nagendra Babu, Pawan Kalyan arrived at the Telugu Film Chamber. Both the celebrities held prolonged discussions with legal and judicial experts. According to official sources, it is learned that Pawan Kalyan is ready to start a legal battle with director Ram Gopal Varma and actress Sri Reddy, over the latter’s derogatory comments on Pawan Kalyan. RGV himself confessed through a YouTube video that, he is one behind the whole thing.

Pawan Suggestion And Legal Battle Starts With

Everyone is aware of the fact that, Pawan Kalyan is quite furious over the derogatory comments passed by Sri Reddy, and how TV9 News Channel has been propagating it. Earlier in the day, through a series of tweets, Pawan Kalyan condemned the derogatory comments made by Sri Reddy and termed the whole thing as a politically motivated personal attack on him.

pawan Photos in film chamber

He also criticized TV9 Owner Srini Raju, TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash, and Ram Gopal Varma alleging the above three along with the support from TDP bosses started this attack on him.

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