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HomelatestRelatives refuse to take dead body of Dachepalli convict Subbaiah!

Relatives refuse to take dead body of Dachepalli convict Subbaiah!

Dachepalli Rape Accused Subbaiah Commits Suicide

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The Dachepalli incident, where a 9-year-old girl was raped by an auto-rickshaw driver; 50-year-old Subbaiah, has taken a completely different turn after he committed suicide. Subbaiah hung himself to a tree outside the village premises. The post-mortem for his dead body has been completed in Gurajala Government Hospital.  

After the relatives were informed by the police and hospital staff to come and take the body, they have refused. It is understood that the body will most likely be handed over to the Village Panchayat.

Before committing suicide, Subbaiah actually made a call to his family members and expressed remorse over the crime he has committed. On the call, he said that he has brought a bad name to his entire family, and his son especially.

Realizing his mistake, and not able to face anyone, Subbaiah told that he would commit suicide, and thus committed suicide. Police found his dead body hanging to a tree after they traced him using his cell phone signals.  

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