De De De DevaDas Song @Nagarjuna & Nani


dev das varu veru song

A Natural look and A King look is the combination for a movie. The old Majnu and new Majnu combination for a movie. The first host of Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu and the second host of Biggboss is the combination for a movie. That is DevaDas. Actually, this title was used several times in different languages. When we listen to this name Devadas, the first striking point is Parvathi and Devadas love. Their love had gone into disaster and Devadas changes as a drinker.

Devadas Teaser

But, this title was used by hero Ram for his first film but there was no drinkings and failures, only Love. Now, what about this Devadas? In the teaser, we watched that both Nagarjuna and Nani drink and Nani was somewhat tensed. So, is there any love in the film? But, there are heroines, Rashmika Mandanna and Akanksha Singh. We know about Rashmika Mandanna and Akanksha was the heroine of Malli Malli Raava movie.

"DevaDas" Birthday Gift To Nagarjuna Looks @"2"

Though old Devadas goes to Doctor, here these heroes are the doctors. Moreover that, in every Devadas movie, there was only one hero but now in this DevaDas, two heroes are here. The expectations are high on this movie because of this combo. Director Sriram Aditya got a good name with Bhale Manchi Roju and Samanthakamani movies. Those two movies really good movies. So, Sriram Aditya may bring a solid peg with perfect mixing. Now, the team has released the first single means first song #VarruVeeru. Let’s watch it…


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