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HomelatestWhat Is YSRCP MLA Doing In KCR Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha?

What Is YSRCP MLA Doing In KCR Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha?

In what may be called as an interesting piece of news, the YSRCP MLA Chevireddy was caught by the AP Media along with TRS leaders. Stunning details of this issue along with secret links between TRS and YSRCP was unveiled by some trustworthy sources.AP Media along with TRS leadersMLA Chevireddy is known for his close bonding with Supreme YS Jagan. From Politics to businesses, Chevireddy helps Jagan a lot by making profitable deals. Such AP leader was caught red-handed by the media while he is inspecting the arrangements for the forthcoming bog event of TRS, Pragati Nivedana Sabha. When he questioned regarding this presence, he took his time and claimed that he visited the grounds to meet the Hyderabad Mayor for some personal work and escaped. Patient journos waited for him but they came to know that vehicles which belong to Chevireddy are participating in the works for the same event. Reluctant Reddy showed no interest to talk more and left the place leaving the entire AP in doubt.

ysrcp MLA Chevireddy TDP leaders state that this incident is a clear example of a hidden friendship between TRS and YSRCP. They went further and alleged that YSRCP will support TRS in 2019 to continue their businesses and contracts in Telangana. Some top-notch political analysts agree to TDP leaders’ claims to some extent. They show the examples of how KCR declared Jagan’s victory prior to the 2014 elections and Jagan heaped praises on the TRS Government after the elections. According to TDP, TRS and YSRCP are working together to defeat TDP in AP and reduce the vote bank in Telangana for the upcoming elections.

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