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Doctors bring a DEAD heart back to life using Pioneering box saves man’s life

DEAD Heart Back To Life Using Pioneering Box 

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Doctors saved a desperately ill man’s life by transplanting a ‘dead’ heart they had brought back to life.

It was a pioneering piece of a technology dubbed a heart in a box which can keep the heart preserved and beating for about 8 hours.

A fifty-eight-year-old, Anthony Anderson, from Swinton was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. It is a disease that affects heart muscle that left him in intensive care and required an urgent transplant.

Post operation, he spoke about how emotional and happy he was to receive a call, and also deeply saddened for the person who had to die to help me. He shared he will be forever grateful to his donor.

The renowned hospital is one of the only four centers in the world to have carried out the revolutionary procedure, as per the local reports, only few handful of people have undergone such treatments.

While the doctors believe that it could potentially save countless more lives by allowing more number of donor’s hearts to be used for donation. Reports also say, that around 15 die out of every 100 patients as they wait for a heart transplant.

While Rajamiyer Venkateswaran, director of transplantation and consultant cardiac surgeon at the hospital explained that this type of transplant is different as it uses a ‘Donation after Circulatory Determined Death’ (DCD) donor heart.

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