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AP Secretariat – A Blend Of Kalankari Designs, Modern Architecture, And Engineering Marvel

Designs For AP Secretariat Finalised

AP Secretariat design has been finalized. Norman Foster and Partners Company designed the AP Secretariat. The secretariat complex will comprise of 5 main skyscrapers and other buildings around the skyscrapers.

Talking about the design, it will include a blend of Kalankari designs, and modern architecture. The skyscrapers will be constructed using the ‘Diagrid’ framework of construction. Diagrid is an acronym for Diagonal Grid. In Diagrid constructions, the intersecting metal beams will be intersecting with each other, forming diagonal shapes. This not only minimizes the use of steel, but also removes the need for columns, thereby enabling construction of column-free expanses of roofing, and interiors.


In Diagrid constructions, only the core; comprising of elevators, staircases, and offices, will be having columns. The complete structure will stand on the exterior Diagrid construction.Diagrid will be constructed of high-grade steel, having light weight and high tensile strength. The interior structure of the Diagrid will comprise of polygonal grid configurations, resembling locally available Kalankari designs. This is the first India structures of this kind, and scale is being constructed in India. The exterior diagonal structures will be manufactured somewhere else and will be assembled at the construction site.


The 5 Skyscrapers 

As already mentioned there would be 5 skyscrapers, and various other buildings as a part of the AP Secretariat. Following is the description of the skyscrapers:

  1. Total Number of Skyscrapers – 5
  2. One Chief Minister Tower & 4 Other Towers
  3. Height of CM Tower – 207 meters
  4. Height of each tower – 180 meters
  5. Total built up area – 40, 00, 000 sq. feet

Chief Minister’s tower – 1 ( 46 Floors) (with Helipad)

  • 44th – 46th Floors (3) – Exclusively for Chief Minister
  • 42nd – 45th Floors (3) – For AP Chief Secretary
  • Each tower will be connected through a skyway bridge that is constructed at 9mts above the ground level. These bridges will connect the 3-story buildings to the skyscraper.
  • Employees and officials will use these skyway bridges to move between the skyscrapers and the 3-story buildings.  

3-story buildings alongside the skyscrapers:

There will be a total of nine 3-story buildings around the 5 skyscrapers. Each tower is connected through the skyway bridge to three 3-story buildings. These buildings will host employees, along with various facilities and amenities for tourists. Food courts will be present in these buildings.  


What’s more interesting in the construction is the inclusion of ‘Viewing point’ of Paalavagu. Three skyscrapers (including the Chief Minister’s Tower) are built on side of the Paalavagu, and the other two are built on the opposite side. A skywalk bridge, much larger in length, will be connecting two 3-story buildings present on either side of the Paalavagu. There are plans to develop a viewing point just above the Paalavagu.

Sources close to the AP Government confirmed that the idea of ‘viewpoint’ is inspired by the Marian Barrage, Singapore. It would at least take 3-4 years for the complete construction of the AP Secretariat.  

Some More Interesting New:

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