Dhoni Paid Huge Amount Of Tax

Dhoni Paid Huge Amount Of Tax
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Mahendra Singh Dhoni, One of the most reputed cricket players of the world. He was 23rd highest paid athlete in the world in 2015. He is not on the list of 2018 but now he surprised with his tax payment. Recently, Jharkhand Income Tax Department Authorities said that Dhoni paid 12.17 crores amount as tax. How much huge it is… They also said that no one is there to pay that much of amount for the 2017-18 year. As compared to last year, he paid 1.24 crores more for this year.

Dhoni just stepped back in some formats of Cricket but doesn’t get back in Income. He pays the huge amount of tax and leads to develop our India. He is not just a player, now he is also a responsible person in India. Actually, Dhoni has a Huge fan base as like as his Income Tax amount, and his fans will be happy about this news. He is the most important player in India and now he is also a most responsible person in India. In this way, all players and other big celebrities will pay the Income Tax correctly.

Dhoni resigned to Captaincy in 2016. He is an A-grade player of the cricket team of India. Recently, BCCI introduced A+ also, but he is still as an A-grade player.  This year Virat Kohli stands in the rank of 83 of Highest paid athletes in the world. he is only one from India, then How much he may pay Income Tax..! Maybe his Tax amount also may be high. He is so aggressive in the game, hope he exists as an aggressive man in Tax also. Sachin Tendulkar also a Brand player and he owns so many contracts. So, what is his Tax amount…! We know about his honesty and responsibility, there was no clues come out about his Tax amount. But, sure hope he also makes his best.


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