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Difference B/W Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Each Product or Service will be having a uniqueness to get an identity in the market. Like everything has the uniqueness of its own and some of them are trying to satisfy their customers to the most extent and we all in the Automated world we started becoming lazy from step to step daily routines also. Even, we started feeling the things Example: Virtual Reality and we started reacting to the robots and they are also started to understand the human brains and the things they do Example: Sophia. Keeping all these in mind let’s check the major similarities and Differences


There might be the change in Both Artificial intelligence and Virtual reality at any time might be in Next week, Next month, Next year.
Investors lost their billions of cash into ridiculous schemes featuring them both AI and VR

Investors are still in the bullion market through the frequent changes happening in the AI and VR

Differences Between AI and VR

  • One is an existing thing (AI) whereas VR is not.
  • One lives in the computer (AI), but VR is the computer you live in.
  • One is responsible for the singularity (AI), the other is responsible for the single people (VR).
  • One pretends to be alive (AI), the other makes life pretend (VR).
  • One probably cannot happen without a body (AI), the other definitely cannot (VR).
  • AI is a processor that is designed to mimic, replicate, or replace human capabilities whereas VR Just made to feel the capabilities.
  • AI can save or destroy the world, but VR will destroy your marriage
  • An Artificial Intelligence is a self-aware artificially created being that can make critical decisions and judgment calls in the same manner as an intelligent organic life-form.
  • A Virtual Intelligence is a program that can mimic the behavior of life but is ultimately not self-aware or capable of abstract thought.
  • VI is probably something like Wikipedia; not a fully-fledged intelligence but a conglomerate of information allowing it to interact with people as though it were an intellect.
  • At the very least an AI is indistinguishable from a person; it has hopes, dreams, fears, and genuine likes and dislikes (it might even be a little bit racist, who knows!). A VI is a glorified chat bot that can double as a secretary.

So, there you have it — the real truth about virtual intelligence and how it works. Knowing what’s best to use for your project entirely depends on your use case, so talk with your team about this thoroughly before investing any cash. All these things seem intelligent when we interact with them on a daily basis. I mean, they can give us directions, recommend dietary and workout habits and even respond to spoken commands. But in actuality, these devices are just taking advantage of VI technology.

Much like in the way virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are often confused, so what most people call artificial intelligence can become muddled with virtual intelligence. Eventually, all these technologies are making humans grow in all fields if we use it wisely and implementation on the right things will lead to success.

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