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Diksoochi Movie First Lyrical By Kailash Kher #It Has Life



Diksoochi, navigator, here it is for the human. Diksoochi movie is the typical story about human life with fantasy elements according to the motion posters and song. This movie hero and director is Dilip Kumar Salvadi and he was a child artist, acted in Jayam movie.


Finally, he is turned as a hero, moreover as director and writer. His every move for the movie is simply fantastic. He doesn’t do any commercial events for this movies and he started his journey for the people.

He found the editor SattiBabu (Shankar Suri) who was homeless and who was the editor of trendsetter ‘Siva’ movie. Also, Dilip provided shelter for the homeless people, the movie dubbing work inaugurated by junior artists who have experience in acting but have not recognization. Now, this song also launched by blind children. Every viewer is praising for those works and he deserves it. Really, hats off to Dilip Kumar Salvadi and hope the movie should get the success.

Come to the song, the lyrics are the crux of this song and Kailash Kher is the biggest asset of this song and moreover, the music is the soul. Each and every line has a great phenomenal phenomenon. The movie date has not announced.

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