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Dil Raju’s overconfidence on MCA – Middle Class Abbayi

Dil Raju’s overconfidence on MCA  

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During the audio launch event of MCA and other film events, Dil Raju confidently said that MCA – Middle Class Abbayi movie would be giving him double hat-trick (6 in a row), after his previous 5 films in this year went on to become super hits at the box office. Even Nagarjuna also requested Dil Raju to release his film a bit later, leaving scope for Akhil’s ‘Hello’. But Dil Raju said that he will not be postponing his film’s release. The producer has announced that the film will release for Christmas during the announcement of the film itself.

With the result of Dil Raju, it seemed as he was over-confident about the movie. Many trade experts feel that Dil Raju’s overconfidence on the director did cost the movie dearly. ‘It is clear that Dil Raju did not concentrate on the film. Maybe he thinks every film from his banner would become a super hit. That’s not the way the industry is currently going,’ said a film critic.

The story of the movie seemed pretty routine and pale. The director has miserably failed in direction and script work. The film turned out to be an average and routine movie. MCA turned out to be an asset back to ‘Natural Star’ Nani who has taken the box office by storm with back-to-back hits.

Forget about the film being a double hat-trick for Dil Raju, trade analysts are worrying whether the film would recover its investment in the first place or not.

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