Kalyan Krishna Repenting His Decision On Nela Ticket?

Director Kalyan Krishna Nela Ticket Movie

Director Kalyan Krishna Nela Ticket Movie

Posted May 26, 2018, 6:06 pm at 18:06

The family director Kalyan Krishna has been unhappy with the performance of his yesterday’s release of Nela Ticket. The movie’s result seems to be jeopardizing his career for the first time.The young maker Kalyan Krishna grabbed the limelight by scoring a big hit with his very first flick Soggade Chinni Nayana. He not only delivered King Nag’s first ever 50 crores project in his career but also reminded Vintage Nag to this generation audience.

To continue this mood, he convinced Nag for a sequel Bangarraju but the project failed to take off. Instead, he got a call from Nag to direct his son and the rest is the blockbuster success of Rarandoi Veduka Choodham. Even though his second flick ended up as a super-hit, it didn’t cross his debut film at the ticket window. As Nag again asked Kalyan to wait for the sequel Bangarraju, Kalyan opted for the Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja who just scored a disaster like Touch Chesi Chudu. The trailers succeeded to pull movie lovers to the theatres but the final result is not satisfying.

After getting a below average talk on the very first day, Kalyan Krishna is repenting his mistake for making a mass flick like Nela Ticket and for choosing Ravi Teja as his hero. Movie lovers say that Kalyan should have waited for the right script or at least for the dates of King Nag. He will be back on track if he has a perfect family drama for a heroin form. All are waiting for his next flick’s details.

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