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‘Manam’ Director Vikram Kumar movie with Bollywood Star hero!

Director Vikram Kumar Bollywood Movie with Akshay Kumar

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Acclaimed and versatile director Vikram Kumar directorial ‘Hello’, starring Akhil Akkineni fared decently well at the box office. The movie failed to impress the Telugu audience, especially in the Telugu states. Though this is not seen as a backlog for the director, it is definitely not the kind of films one would expect from someone like Vikram Kumar.

His movies 13B, 24 and Manam had a great run at the box office. A recent news about the about the director is going viral on social networking sites. According to Bollywood sources, action hero Akshay Kumar asked the Vikram Kumar to come up with a script. Keeping Akshay Kumar’s stardom and market in mind, the director drafted an action script and narrated to the Bollywood star hero.

The actor also gave his nod of the movie. If everything goes well according to the plan, the film will go onto sets in June. Vikram Kumar previously directed the Bollywood movie 13B, starring Madhavan in lead role.

Lately, rumours surfaced hero Nani rejected the script narrated by Vikram Kumar. It will be interesting to see, whether the director’s film with Akshay Kumar will also remain as a rumour, or materialize! 

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