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HomelatestI don’t mind losing 20 Crores!

I don’t mind losing 20 Crores!

I don’t mind losing 20 Crores!

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In the good olden times, elders in the house used to watch DD or ETV for daily news. With changing times, the number of new channels has grown at an incredible pace. The latest survey conducted by a business magazine revealed that more than 80% of the present Telugu News channels are running in loss, and their owners are reportedly searching for ways to get rid of them.

Despite the warnings, few businessmen are prepared to launch more Telugu News Channels. Going by the reports, 10 Telugu News Channels would be launched very soon in view of the upcoming 2019 elections. The owners of these news channels are usually from an affluent background having well-established businesses in cities like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Vishakhapatnam.

A recent news shocked everyone. A journalist has reportedly warned a businessman about the losses faced by present new channels and advised him not to sept into this business. But the businessman’s answer, ‘I know that I am going to lose 20 crores with this venture. I don’t mind it. What’s the big deal?’, left the Journalist in shock.

People well verse with politics and business made a noteworthy point. ‘These businessmen establish the news channels to either support a party or for a social status. If the party they supported wins the elections, they might go with a favors list. If not, they can still enjoy the social status as a ‘News Channel’ owner,’ said an analyst.

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