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HomelatestWhy are those Congress Brothers silent?

Why are those Congress Brothers silent?

Why Are Those Congress Brothers Silent?

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The recent fixtures in politics have completely changed the political equations in Telangana. Form what seemed to be a one-man in the 2019 elections, it’s looking like there would be a tough fight. Until one month back, everyone was under an impression that, TRS win in 2019 elections is just a mere formality. But with things changing quick and fast, it looks like Telangana Congress is heading for a battle with TRS in 2019.

Meanwhile, the Komati Reddy brothers who have been the talk of the town from the last couple of months are nowhere to be seen.  The Komati Reddy brothers even lobbied in Delhi to remove Uttam Kumar Reddy as Telangana Congress Chief. But the brothers have miserably failed.

Their planned ‘Paadhayathra’ mission did not get a positive response from the high command and as well as the Telangana Congress leaders. And Uttam Kumar Reddy suddenly seems to be the strongest leader in Telangana Congress with the new in-comer Revanth Reddy in the party, and Senior Leader Janareddy restricting himself as ‘Advani’ in the party.

Many analysts feel that the silence of the Komati Reddy brother is like a warning before a cyclone, and one shouldn’t underestimate the Reddy brothers’ abilities.

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