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All About IRCTC Tatkal Train Booking!

All About IRCTC Tatkal Train Booking!

The online ticketing support by Indian Railways, IRCTC, has been introducing new payment facilities, for booking tickets under both general quota and Tatkal.

The tatkal facility was introduced in the year 1997, for all passengers who need to travel with a short notice. Before checking for booking under Tatkal quota, one should first check the general quota availability, as per IRCTC. Once the Tatkal facility opens seats vanish in seconds at the blink of your eye. On an average today IRCTC, processes about 1, 30,000 Tatkal transactions every day. IRCTC introduced new payments features for booking tickets under both Tatkal and general quota. One should not forget that there will be no concession provided for Tatkal quota.

Tatkal timings

Booking for Tatkal tickets opens one day before the journey. For AC bookings it opens at 10 am and for Non AC classes at 11 am.

Tatkal Reservation chargesare fixed as a percentage of fare at the rate of 10% of basic fare for second class and 30% of basic fare for all the other classes.All About IRCTC Tatkal Train Booking!

No refund is granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets.

Tatkal ticket cancellation for thewaiting list, RAC tickets- Reservation against cancellation or waitlisted tickets book under Tatkal quota, arefund is given if theticket is cancelled up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. While, a ticket gets confirmed to a RAC, or waiting list ticket holder at any point in time up to the final preparation of charts, such ticket is taken as aconfirmed ticket.

The train is running behind schedule by more than three hours or if the train gets cancelled due to any reason, we are having anoption called filing ticket deposit receipt (TDR) with reasons for claiming arefund.

How to book Tatkal Train Tickets via New IRCTC facility?

IRCTC has already introduced new features for payment of E-tickets that include, Tatkal tickets. One such feature is ‘Paylater’, this option facilitates the passenger to buy the ticket first and pay the money later. This Paylater option is available in payment options which you can see the link through email or SMS when you are making your booking. You may have to register if you are availing E-pay lateroption.

You will get up to 14 days to make the payments. But it will charge you 3.50 percent as charges, plus any applicable taxes. Basically, the epaylater pays for you whenever you book a ticket.

Other Things to know about Railway Ticket Booking

In the cases of Family E-ticket, issued to travel for more than one passenger, like for families, some passengers have confirmed reservation while few others may be in RAC or waiting list, full refund of far, shall be admissible for confirmed passengers also subject to the condition that the ticket shall be cancelled online for all the passengers up to 30 minutes before the departure time of the train, says IRCTC website.

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