Monday, May 16, 2022
HomelatestDog diagnosed with ‘Trump’s Disease’

Dog diagnosed with ‘Trump’s Disease’

Dog diagnosed with ‘Trump’s Disease’

The social media has been the biggest opposition to every political party and every political leader. It’s up to the netizens to fame or defame anyone they like, irrespective of who they are, and how powerful they are. Donald Trump, President of the US is no big deal when it comes to social media.

In a recent news, a photo of has become viral claiming that the dog has been diagnosed with ‘Trump’s disease’. Going into the details, a US citizen named Jade Robin has a pet dog named ‘Chief’. The dog is found to have an ear infection. Jade has taken a photo of the infected ear and shared it with her veterinarian for further advice.

Jade shared the same photo with her friends too. Keenly observing the pic, Jade noticed that the ear infection had a resemblance to Donald Trump’s face when viewing from a certain angle. As the news spread among her friends, it soon became viral on online. After netizens opinionated that the dog is diagnosed with ‘Trump’s disease’, the whole social media broke into laughter sharing the post. This clearly shows the extent of antagonism towards Donald Trump in most of the Americans.

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