Extra Security To All Statesman Including CBN

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu

The brutal encounter of Araku MLA Kidari has awakened the Union Government and it has taken the much-needed step towards the Chief Ministers especially the Andhra Pradesh CM. The Centre kept its rift with the AP ruling party TDP aside and sent extra security to the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. It stated that the security of the Indian Statesmen is its primary responsibility and ensured CBN’s complete protection. With top-notch security along with jammers and charge detonators, CBN got upgraded to a high-level category now.

mentioned in the hit lists of Maoists

Not just to CBN, the Indian Government arranged the same security to all the leaders mentioned in the hit lists of Maoists. Already CBN was a victim of Naxals attack in the year 2013. The infamous Alipiri blast has almost taken CBN’s life but he got away with a major accident.The PMO in its recent Press release declared that the full forces are keeping their fists at ready to fight with the Maoists. Meanwhile, the Odisha and AP Governments are planning to conduct combing sessions to trace out the Naxal activities.


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