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Fan’s chilling Experience: An unpredictable Selfie with Powerstar!

Fan’s unpredictable Selfie with Powerstar!

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At the audio launch function of the movie “Agnathavasi”, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is star attraction to everyone but for one fan it is a chilling experience, a lifetime celebration.

The way the fan behaved gave shockers to everyone that included the security, the team of Agnathavasi, and even the bouncers present at the venue.

The moment Pawan climbed the stage, a crazy fan stormed, somewhere from the front, and had fallen on Pawan’s feet and started hugging the star. Within seconds, a couple of bouncers and others rushed to Pawan and dragged the fan away from him. If you think this is a shocker, the way Pawan responded is unbelieved and bigger shocker to all that are watching this from below the stage, on the stage and even people who are watching on TV.

He not only asked his team not to drag the young fan in such a harsh manner but also asked them to bring the fan to him. Pawan asked the youngster what his request was and when he told, all that he wants is a selfie with the hero, he immediately obliged.

It was a sight to watch, as to what followed later, as the star told the escorts not to scold or hit the young fan and be allowed to go down. Everyone felt the humility of the big star so adorable to watch.

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