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HomelatestGalaxy Note 10 Lite is Samsung’s new affordable Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 10 Lite is Samsung’s new affordable Galaxy Note

We previously reported that Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Note handset. This will likely be a model that’s more affordable compared to the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. We have received some information about this device that we would like to pass along.

Samsung appears to have decided on a name for this device. We hear that the new affordable model is going to be called the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Since it carries the Galaxy Note 10 branding, Samsung could release it in the coming months.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite is what Samsung’s calling the SM-N770F

Samsung has already split the Galaxy Note series into two this year with the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. There are some differences between the two models to justify the difference in price. That being said, many wouldn’t call the $949 Galaxy Note 10 affordable.

This is where a more affordable model comes in. Samsung has been developing one with the model number SM-N770F. We also know that it will be headed to Europe in at least two color options, black and red. We have now been told that this device is going to launch as the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

As for what will make it an affordable Galaxy Note remains a mystery for now. Just how much can the company take away from the device to bring down the price and yet not dilute the Galaxy Note brand significantly remains to be seen. It would also need to offer S Pen support otherwise the device will go against the ethos of this series.

It would make sense for this device not to be branded the Galaxy Note 10e. The Galaxy S10e shared most of its specs with the Galaxy S10. That may not be the case for this device. Details about the specs and features of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite are limited at this point in time. We expect to hear more as the development progresses. Do keep in mind that this is all speculative at this point.

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