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HomelatestGalla Jayadev’s speech stunned the center

Galla Jayadev’s speech stunned the center

Galla Jayadev’s speech stunned the center

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The Telugu Desam MP of Chittoor, Galla Jayadev has made both the people of Telugu and the TDP proud with his sensational speech in the Parliament recently. His speech appeared to be a perfect amalgam of blasting center and stating A.Ps problems.

Jayadev in his speech has touched all the promises made by several ministers belong to center. He didn’t spare the previous UPA government and state’s opposition YSRCP in his bullet speech. Jayadev started with the topic of Union Budget-2018 stating that he has made a detailed report of all the promises and cheating done by present and past PMs to the state post bifurcation. This most successful businessman dared to say “ Your allies have been betrayed by your deeds” directly to the PM Modi and warned them not to take A.P like anything. “ My Chief CBN visited center like 29 times recently” claimed Jayadev making the center to know how CBN is meeting all the responsible Ministers and PM to sort the issues of AP.  

He didn’t spare ex-PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi as they betrayed AP during the time of bifurcation. He went on saying “ She ( Sonia Gandhi) took A.P for granted as she thought of having YSRCP support unofficially thus they paid the price by getting 0 from 25 M.P seats and 0 from 175 MLAs. Jayadev shown his frustration on local rival party YSRCP by uttering “ YSRCP is supporting your budget only to have personal gains like coming out of jail without any cases from Enforcement Department”. He pleaded the center not to believe in their BJP state leaders’ fake reports.

Jayadev directly asked the PM Modi himself to look at all the promises he has made during his election campaigns of 2014. He enlisted the necessary topics out of all the promises made by the center to A.P like Polavaram, Separate Railway Zone, Special Category, Airports and Metros for Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada etc. Jayadev embarrassed the BJP cadre in the house by saying “ even a Telugu flick like Baahubali had grossed like 2000 crores and it is more than the funds allocated to the Andhra Pradesh, which is some 1700+ crore”. He specially mentioned that Amaravati needs more funds and he thereby requested the center to grant sufficient funds in order to build the capital of a state which has no permanent capital.

He ended his electrifying speech by warning the center once again “Not to irk TDP and people of A.P as they are going to end the Alliance drama for once and forever”. We have to wait and see if this so-called perfect speech would bring any change among BJP or not.

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