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HomelatestPawan Kalyan announces A.P JAC: YSRCP in dilemma

Pawan Kalyan announces A.P JAC: YSRCP in dilemma

Pawan Kalyan announces A.P JAC: YSRCP in dilemma

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The Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan has given a much-needed call to the people of Andhra. He has announced a Joint Action Committee to fight for the need of the hour. But will the opposition support this JAC or not is a million dollar question. Let us see the possibilities of it.

Pawan Kalyan has retorted his rivals by not just responding to the Union Budget but also establishing a JAC of AP. Pawan who observed the Telangana movement very keenly seemed to be inspired by the JAC as the political rivals in T-region joined their hands for the cause. So Pawan without any further delay arranged a press meet and announced his JAC with all the opposition parties. He also invited senior most politicians like Jayaprakash Narayan and Undavalli Arun Kumar to take part in it. This is a sensible and perfect move by this star hero turned people’s leader as he can achieve something with JAC than fighting alone with limited cadre.

With his good relationships, he might get the support of CPI and CPM along with the Lok Satta but YSRCP is still in dilemma whether to join or fight alone. Hardcore analysts of A.P politics say that YSRCP will not join this JAC because Jagan being a party head shall not bend down to Pawan Kalyan and also he is looking forward to joining hands with NDA alliance as well. He would rather fight alone than joining JAC where Pawan might take the full credit if there is any success. Here, one can clearly distinguish the nature of two-party heads. Pawan is fighting for the state forming a JAC with other parties keeping egos aside whereas Jagan still maintaining his pride and wants to fight alone.

People being an eyewitness to the ongoing developments in the state would certainly show the difference in the upcoming elections. But the well-wishers of the state wish Jagan to join JAC as it would become the strongest JAC and it can create pressure on the center. It’s time for all the state parties of A.P to unite and solve issues for state’s future or else A.P will end up as a disastrous state in entire Nation of India.

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