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Gayatri Movie Review and Rating

Gayathri Review

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Movie Name: Gayatri
Actors: Mohan Babu, Manchu Vishnu, Shriya Saran, Brahmanandam
Director: R.R. Madan
Writer: Diamond Ratna Babu
Music Director: S. Thaman
Producer: Mohan Babu

Mohan Babu is regarded as one of the finest actors in Telugu cinema. After a long time, the actor is coming back with the movie ‘Gayathri’. Right from the movie’s promos, the film was hailed by Mohan Babu. The trailers further increased the expectations on the film. Gayathri released today alongside Sai Dharam Tej’s ‘Intelligent’. Let us take a look whether Gayathri lived up to its promise or not.


Dasari Sivaji (Mohan Babu) is a stage artist by profession. He runs a small orphanage home for kids at his premises. In order to keep the orphanage home running, he goes to jail in the place of real criminals and gets paid for it. The reason for him to an orphanage for kids is, he comes to know that his daughter is also being raised in an orphanage. But Sivaji does not know who is his daughter, and in which orphanage is she living. By the time he comes to know about his daughter, she starts hating him. At this juncture, Sivaji is kidnapped. And he is also facing a death sentence in a case. Gayathri Patel (Mohan Babu) threatens that he would kill Sivaji’s daughter. Why is Gayathri Patel taking revenge on Sivaji? What led to the fight between both of them? What happens to Sivaji’s life? To know the answers, watch the movie in theatres.


The core points; father-daughter sentiment, and the concept of look-alike are strong, the plot around it is pretty week. Given the advancement of technology, there is no way that someone could fool the law enforcement authorities, and replace a criminal with minimal makeup effects. Even taken granted, in that case, the director fails to come up with a logical answer. This set back puts off the spectator throughout the film, and hardly impresses him.

The film did have some interesting twists. But the director failed to represent them on the screen with effect. Don’t blame us, if you recollect movies in the 19080s and 1990s. It looks like Mohan Babu’s fondness towards Father-Daughter sentiment might continue for another decade. His films ‘Khaidi Garu’, ‘Rayudu’ and now ‘Gayathri’ belong to the same genre.

Initially, Mohan Babu’s screen presence, dialogue diction might cover-up the weak story and screenplay. But, as the story moved on, even Mohan Babu couldn’t save it. Manchu Vishnu reprised the younger version of Sivaji quite well. But his addition to the movie doesn’t many any sense. Shreya, Nikhila Vimal (as Sivaji’s daughter), Anasuya, Ali and Brahmanandam have done justice to their roles.

Few sections of the audience can take a jibe at few dialogues in the movie. Especially dialogues targeting and referring Chandrababu’s comments might cause a stir among some fringe groups. Frankly, the absence of such dialogues wouldn’t have made much difference to the film. It is hard to believe that Madan, who wrote a story for ‘Aa Naluguru’ and directed ‘Pellaina Kotthalo’ came up with this kind of a film.

Plus Points:

Mohan Babu, Shreya, Nikhila Vimal performances



Run-of-the-mill story

Direction and Screenplay

Telugu Bullet Punchline: Even Three Mohan Babu’s couldn’t have saved Gayathri!

Rating: 2.5/5

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