GST Still In Confusion?

Posted August 9, 2017 at 14:01

GST Still In Confusion?GST Still In Confusion?

When opposition parties questioned about GST was done in rush but BJP opposed the comment saying the decision is not took in rush but done a long term discussion. But the situation seems to be the sayings are truth of the opposition. The latest recommendations made by the GST Fitment Committee have become embarrassing to the Centeral government. If the tax rate is fixed on all goods, after long discussions, the Fit Committee Committee recommends to reduce tax on some goods.

Recommendations now become a problem for opposition. Many states are saying that twelve percent tax on all products are basically high. Specifically, the GST rules that are said before are not followed up now. At the same time, if the tax is reduced on twenty items, other demands are expected to be reduced.

The Fitment Committee believes that higher taxes on branded food items are not fair and the tax on them should be five percent. Now the GSTC Council has to make a final decision.