TDP Worrying With MLC’s

Posted August 9, 2017 at 14:22

TDP Worrying With MLC's

TDP Worrying With MLC’s

TDP Worrying With MLC’s: Previously maximum of MP’s is shifting from TDP party to YSRCP party. Now TDP party MLC’s also looking to jump for another party. Shilp Chakrapani Reddy got MLC post in TDP party before the Nandyala by election announcement. But he shifted to YCP Party. Chakrapani reddy want to stay with YCP leaders. Now Maganti Srinivas Reddy is also unsatisfied with his MLC position. From 30 years who are served for TDP party, CM does not give the post to them. So all the MLC’s and MP’s are looking for other parties. It disappoints all the party members and party supports.

Some leader is misled the Chandrababu and appointing seats to the favored leaders. Some are expressing their disappointment on TDP party. But Chandra Babu plan is perfect. TDP party MLC’s are looking to go to other parties before the Nandyala by elections. In TDP party some are shifting after the elections results. But in Nandyala elections TDP winning is doubted.