Is The News about Gutta Jwala True?

Gutta Jwala in Big Boss

Gutta Jwala in Big Boss

Is it true ?? It is heard that Gutta Jwala would participate in the big boss show with wild card entry. The new buzz is, star Maa team is also planning to get few celebrities to make the show even more interesting. Now the audience opinions are in such a way that why to bring Gutta Jwala in Big Boss as if there are no other celebrities in Tollywood ?? This is because she doesn’t have any craze and the one film which she acted also is a disaster. Then why to give chance for her is the question.

Some audience feels that all these are just rumors and there is nothing going to happen as such. It is yet to wait to know what’s going to happen in future in the big boss show. The big boss team is not responding to these issues as they feel such rumors would help them for even more publicity for the show. Let’s wait and see who all celebrities would join this show along with Gutta Jwala if the news is true.

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