Tuesday, September 27, 2022
HomelatestA Heartbreaking Moment For Hardcore TDP Fans In Khammam

A Heartbreaking Moment For Hardcore TDP Fans In Khammam

Hindupur TDP MLA Balakrishna had toured the town of Khammam the other day and was well received by his fans and followers. Despite this huge gathering, a moment had taken place which is leaving hardcore TDP fans in vain.

The two rival parties TDP and Congress joined hands in Telangana and formed Mahakutami. Since the talks are going on between the two parties regarding the seat sharing, the low-level cadre and followers already began working together. When Balayya reached Khammam and did a road show, both Congress and TDP activists were seen mixed with each other supporting this mass hero. It is then the cameras spotted Congress flags flying high close to Balayya’s vehicle which is making the loyalists of Yellow camp feel bad. This embarrassment reached its peak when a Congress flag is waved next to Balayya when the latter is decorating a garland to the legend NTR.

This photo went viral and Balayya

This photo went viral and Balayya has been trolled by many for encouraging the Mahakutami. Being the son of TDP founder NTR, he is supporting the party Congress. Seems the Khammam tour is not going well for Balakrishna as he is continuously surrounded by controversies throughout the tour.

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