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Vijay Devarakonda Letter To His Fans About Fan War #Live & Let Live

Fan war is generally happening for so many years. But, in recent years, the situation was somewhat good by supporting the other heroes also. As well as, that bad fan-ism still alive in some brains, so the words’ war happening among the hero fans. Recently, another star was established in Telugu film industry, and he is Vijay Deverkonda. Really, his fan following is huge in present days after biggest stars. However, social media effect is high on the people so they use this social platform for many things and now for abusing also. The fans of one hero abuse the other hero and the pandemonium will be started.


Albeit, Vijay Deverkonda has seen some bad things about this, so he advice, request, and demand his fans about the fan war. He wrote a letter to his fans to close this matter. In recent times, Jr.NTR, Mahesh, Pawan Kalyan and other heroes going with good relationships and the fans also happy for this. But, the stupidity of some fans degrades their hero by abusing other heroes. It is really a bad thing, and they will realize it. Now, Vijay Deverakonda step is appreciable and fans will also spread this message to all the fans. Hope it will succeed.



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