Hero shocked after knowing Prabhas’ craze!


Hero Shocked After Knowing Prabhas’ Craze!

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Prabhas not only became a pan India star with Baahubali movie but also became an idol for millions of people. The Baahubali hero’s name is literally heard in every house. Hero Nikhil came up with an interesting news that speaks volumes about Prabhas’ craze in India.

‘We wanted to shoot the song ‘Pranamantha’ from Kirk Party near Gangotri waterfalls. But we were stopped by the army men present in the region. I tried to request them and started saying that we are from Hyderabad, and are here for shooting. The moment I said we are from Hyderabad, one of the army officers said, so you belong to the same city as hero Prabhas.

I said yes. Immediately, not only they granted us the permission to shoot near the majestic waterfall but also gave us water bottles, and food packets. We were shocked to know the kind of craze Prabhas enjoys all over India’, said Nikhil.

The young hero is currently shooting for his movie ‘Mudhra’ in Santhosh’s direction. Tagore Madhu is bankrolling the movie.

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