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My client was shocked hearing Pawan Kalyan’s allegations – Srini Raju lawyer Sunil

My Client Was Shocked Hearing Pawan Kalyan’s Allegations – Srini Raju Lawyer Sunil

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Pawan Kalyan alleged that Srini Raju, the major shareholder in ABCL (Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited) which owns and operations TV9 Channel in various languages, is a part of the team that conspired against him, making people abuse him on national media. The Janasena Chief also alleged that Srini Raju has close relations with Director Ram Gopal Varma, and other TDP Bosses, along with Ravi Prakash.

In this context, Sunil, the lawyer of Srini Raju, has sent a legal notice to Pawan Kalyan and demanded an apology. In his notice, Sunil clearly mentioned that “’helped TDP bosses to get my mother abused in public’ is nothing but a figment of imagination”.

“My client states that You have come into politics to make a difference. You are free to talk and engage with the people, but such engagement should be based on facts, nothing else”, read the notice.

Many opine that, if Pawan Kalyan fails to furnish proper proofs (or evidence) backing his claims, he could well be in trouble for all wrong reasons.

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