BJP Leaders Demand Balayya’s Arrest:

BJP Demands MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna Arrest

BJP Demands MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna Arrest

Posted April 21, 2018, 5:10 pm at 17:10

Everyone who witnessed CBN’s Praja Poraata Deeksha would get shell-shocked at Balayya’s speech. This Hindupur MLA’s speech which apparently gave praisals ended up bringing unwanted problems from his rivals.Balayya in his yesterday’s staggering speech against Modi and his camp delivered a mouthful of abuses on the Indian Prime Minister.

Even Though his close quarters hailed his guts,  AP BJP camp took these comments quite seriously. BJP leaders in their recent press meet declared a war on Balayya until he gets arrested. The party’s experienced leader MLC Vishnu Kumar Raju fumed on Balayya regarding his indecency towards Indian Prime Minister. Also, he reminded that it is a crime against the Indian Government which needs to be punished. Not stopping there, Raju questioned CBN’s quiet nature while Balayya slamming Modi with unparliamentary words. Raju opined that Babu himself should have condemned Balayya’s speech there itself and arrested him.

He continued by alleging that Balayya used to have pp record in the past where he abused his fellow actresses, slapped fans and quarreled with his fellow men in Cinema Field. These BJP leaders went to Governor’s camp office in Visakhapatnam and handed over written complaint on Balayya. Upon submitting, they asked Governor to take a legal action against Balayya as soon as possible. The Opposition party YSRCP leaders are also condemning Balayya’s cheap comments. Some even say that he also degraded hijras.

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