Monday, September 20, 2021
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Independent Korukanti Chander In Huge Demand In Telangana

The Ramagundam constituency’s result has almost confirmed by the voters of that town. The TRS Rebel Korukanti Chander is going to emerge as the MLA of Ramagundam tomorrow. Even before the results, he is in huge demand among all the Independent candidates who are speculated to be winning.Korukanti Chander came out of TRS recently and contested as an MLA of Ramagundam which always favors the party TRS. against the will of TRS party, he contested against the TRS candidate and Mahakutami’s contestant. On the polling day itself, the survey reports stated a clear win for Korukanti as his wife’s death sentiment factor played a major factor.


Wasting no time, the TRS leaders and Mahakutami leaders are now trying their best to lure him towards their respective parties to add the seats count in order to form the Government. Stubborn Chander asked all to wait until the final results of snap polls to choose one party. Experts say that he is likely to go with Mahakutami as he already cut his ties with TRS despite KTR’s trails to bring back him into the party.Singareni workers who favor TRS too said to be voted for Chander surprisingly post the death of his wife who worked as a corporator in that constituency. A big twist is that Chander didn’t even hold campaigns as he was in grief over wife’s death. Chander’s close aides and friends campaigned for him and the results turned his favor.

Mahakutami Leaders Celebrating Early

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