Sunday, January 29, 2023
HomelatestOver-Confident Mahakutami Started Its Celebrations Already

Over-Confident Mahakutami Started Its Celebrations Already

The two big rival sides TRS and Mahakutami fought neck to neck all these days and completed the snap polls on seventh of this month. As the results are less than a day, the Mahakutami leaders have begun their celebrations stating their confidence over the victory.Congress leaders like Uttam Kumar Reddy, Revanth Reddy, TDP leaders and other friendly allies of Mahakutami met the other day at Park Hyatt Hotel to discuss the happened polls.


All seemed to be positive on the results which are going to be declared tomorrow. Today, these Mahakutami leaders seek the appointment of AP and Telangana joint Governor ESL Raja Narasimhan. Sources close to this alliance reveal that this meeting is to ask the Governor the permission to form Government if the alliance wins tomorrow. This is said to be an expression of their over-confidence, opines leading Political experts.The ex-CM KCR following his own style was seen nowhere in the media since the day of elections. He is spending peaceful time in his most famous farmhouse where he does farming. At eight of tomorrow’s morning, the counting begins and exactly at 10 AM, the results shall be declared.

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