Monday, September 27, 2021
HomelatestHillary Calls Trump Sexual Assault

Hillary Calls Trump Sexual Assault

Hillary Clinton compares Donald Trump with Harvey Weinstein

Hillary Clinton compares Donald Trump with Harvey Weinstein: Hillary Clinton made controversial comments on American president Trump. Hillary didn’t comment on Trump after losing in the presidential election. But recently a Hollywood heroine alleged that she got sexually harassed by famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Along with Angelina Jolie, many actresses accused like this on Harvey. In this scenario, Hillary compared Trump with Harvey.

Hillary commented that a sexual abused got elected as President to the country and throughout the sexual harassment is going on. She said that to focus more on this thing. She was surprised that her husband Harvey is like this as she knew her husband from 4 years. And she always attends to the programs held by her husband. Hillary said that Harvey spent $ 16,000 for her election campaign and asked them to donate to women’s charity.

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