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Howrah Bridge Teaser Review

Howrah Bridge Movie Teaser Review

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Howrah Bridge Movie Teaser Review: ‘Howrah Bridge’ starring Rahul Ravindran, Chandini Chowdary. The teaser released recently which is the romantic entertainer with Rahul who did few movies and entertained the audience while Chandini who is a YouTuber and got fame. By the teaser, it’s confirm that this movie will grab the youth audience. All the youth-based aspects are there in the movie. The romance between Rahul and Chandini was amazing.

‘Howrah Bridge’ movie is directed by Revan Yadu in EMVE productions. They took this movie prestigiously with good production values. The teaser seems so cool and good with high quality. The producers are telling that this movie will attract the family audience along with youth audience. The director told that soon they will complete the shooting and release trailer and audio. Rahul and Chandini both will surely get success through this film and will be a hit pair. The audience also will definitely enjoy this movie. Sekhar Chandra’s music is a highlight of the film.

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