Sunday, September 26, 2021
HomelatestHurricane Irma Toofan In America

Hurricane Irma Toofan In America

Hurricane Irma Toofan

Irma Toofan has blown up Caribbean Island and now traveling towards America with category 4 speed said weather reporters. Because of this air blows with a speed of 209kmps. Due to this Hurricane Irma Toofan of keeping people safe 3/4th of Florida people were moved to safest areas. Florida officers announced to people not to come out from homes. Due to the migration of people to other areas roads are full of traffic jams.

In Florida, about 76000 houses were out of electricity. About 7400 American soldiers came for the rescue operation. Pentagon has announced that they have arranged 140 Aeroplanes,650 trucks,150boats. After the hurricane in 1992, Irma is damaging in same way said, officers. The Indian Embassy has provided 24-hour helpline to protect Indians in Florida, Miami and Tampa areas. American Indians mediator is looking after each and every problem over there.

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