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Political Reasons Behind NTR Emotional Speech

NTR emotional speech in Jai Lava Kusa pre-release function

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NTR emotional speech in Jai Lava Kusa pre-release function: There is a political discussion raised about the emotional speech of NTR in ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ pre-release function. Some people are political reasons on NTR words to give this life his fans. Hari Krishna has a wish to keep his son in politics after Chandrababu in TDP. But Hari Krishna wish may not be fulfilled beyond Babu statistics. At first, NTR tried but later understood the situations. That’s why he thought to be in film industry rather than going to politics which he doesn’t have any grip. So NTR used ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ function stage to convey his decision.

It’s buzzing that some well.-wishers of two families are trying to make the compromise between Chandrababu and Krishna. So may be NTR is trying to convey his father that he doesn’t want to go against to Babu. If this is true, then NTR declared good and bad news at a time to his fans. Good news is that he will not leave film industry. The bad news is that in this life he will not enter into politics.

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