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I will stop attacking anyone personally: Sri Reddy

I will stop attacking Anyone Personally: Sri Reddy

The controversial attention eater Sri Reddy finally gave up her war on all her so-called enemies, especially on Pawan Kalyan. Her recent Facebook posts suggest that she herself has indirectly agreed to lose the war.

Sri Reddy who lived in a cocoon earlier was made popular by a section of media. They uplifted this girl who stripped her clothes in front of Film Chamber for their TRPs. As the issue has completely diluted with the entry of RGV, TV Channels too stopped using her name, posts and her debates as they are well aware of her lost charm. She herself dug her own pit by abusing Pawan Kalyan without any reason. Still, a channel head who calls her as his sister tried to bring back to limelight by arranging discussions on her Facebook posts. The day Pawan started his tweet war, he Facebook posts got a color of Politics and has nothing to do with the Casting Couch problem. A few of her remained supporters are also in a mood to maintain distance from her as they predict that she is now targeting people with hidden agenda and publicity. With Tollywood and Janasena launching new methods to curb all the problems in the industry, she is not at all useful to anyone in this situation.

Sri Reddy who understood this entire situation realized that the media who used her for TRPs have left her. So he took her Facebook to declare that no one will stand with you if the work has done. Also, she expressed her realization by promising that she will only fight for the casting couch problem and stop targeting any individuals from now on.

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