IAF Chased Pak Fighter Jets Back To Their Country

IAF Chased Pak Fighter Jets Back To Their Country

Pakistan tried to test the patience of Indian Army by daring to enter into the Indian Air Space and sent back by the Indian Air Force Fighter jets. The incident happened in India Occupied Kashmir region in the J and K State of India.

To counter India, Pakistan sent their F-16 fighter jets into India beyond the LoC this Wednesday morning. Indian Air Force immediately responded by scrambling its jets to chase down the Pakistan Jets. Expecting their reply for IAF’s attack on the Jem terrorist camp, India readied its arsenal to defend itself. On their way back to Pakistan, PAF jets released a couple of bombs in the Indian territory but none of Indians got hurt. Indian Government declared that it has shot two of Pakistan’s fighter jets and they fell inside their country. Pakistan Government denied this news and they, in turn, claimed that they have put down two of India’s fighter jets which entered Pakistan. They even released a byte which has a man dressed in Indian Air Force Pilot and claiming to be an Indian Wing Commander. As usual, the Indian Defence Ministry quashed these rumors and stated that all Indian Pilots are safe.

Looking at these incidents, the war seems to be inevitable between India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, in Kashmir, the Indian Army shot down two of JeH members.


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