KGF-2 Growing Bigger And Bigger Day By Day

KGF-2 Growing Bigger And Bigger Day By Day

The stupendous success of KGF: Chapter-1 made its makers to increase the canvas of the second part. To release it all over the Indian Film Industry, the director is now asking his team to think big on the script.

Rockstar Yash showcased his stamina with the help of his director Prashanth Neel with the flick KGF-1. The flick ended up as a huge hit and stood only next to Baahubali among the dubbed flicks. Now that the flick gained Pan India image, the producers gave free hand to the director to go any big. So the makers have recently been to the Kolar Gold Fields to completely utilize the fields in order to erect huge sets for canning the second part. They are well determined to spend lavishly on the second part keeping the Yash’s new market in mind. The cameraman already claimed that the second part will be more gigantic than the first one and it is filled with huge action scenes.

This flick is all about a guy who promises his dying mother to conquer the power and become rich in his childhood. In the first part, we have seen how Yash starts his journey to fame but in the second part, we will see how he became the King of the underworld.


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