19-year-old Woman Tied. Gang Raped by 4. Rapists took Gutka breaks in between!

IAS Aspirant Gang-Raped For 3 Hours

19-year-old Woman IAS Aspirant Tied. Gang Raped by 4. Rapists took Gutka breaks in between!

An IAS aspirant, a 19-year-old woman was brutally raped by four men in the city of Bhopal. The woman usually takes a train from the Habibganj Railways station. On the day of the incident, the woman chose to take a shortcut. While she was walking, one of the accused Golu Bihari grabbed and dragged her into the nearby deserted culvert. Golu along with Amar Bhuntu (his brother-in-law) raped the woman.

As she tried to resist and attack rapists, she was hit, tied to a tree and was raped. After the incident, leaving Amar at the place, Golu was left to get tobacco and cigars. The woman said that she asked Golu for clothes, as her clothes were torn.

‘Golu did come with clothes, but two more men came along with him. They raped me in turns, while others were taking Gutka and cigarette breaks. They took away my earrings, phone and watch. I was raped until 10 pm and was left. I managed to reach the nearby police station and called my parents’, said the young woman.

The police initially refused to take the complaint but were forced later. The parents and relatives of the young woman managed to catch hold of Golu and Amar who were roaming near the area where rape was committed. After they were handed to the police, the police filed the case.

More than 15 police officials are suspended by the government after an uproar over the incident has led to protests and outrage in Bhopal.

Posted November 3, 2017 at 19:25

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