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Importance of Stress-Free Life – Changes that help you Overcome Stress!

Importance of Stress-Free Life  

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What is Stress?

Stress is a fact of life, but being stressed out is not.Stress is basically “a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension or physiological reactions that may lead to illness.” Getting anxious or stressed is not just a mental issue but a physical one too. Stress impacts the brain and the rest of our body. We become vulnerable to colds, flu, infections, pain and a host of many chronic and life-threatening illnesses as we get more stressed out than enjoy the beauty and pleasure that life is offering.

Stress impacts your health, relationships, and even your career too. By now you must have understood how serious an issue is a stress and how we are all exposed to it helplessly. There is hope and we can protect ourselves from getting infected.Importance of Stress-Free Life  

Of course, stress is a big problem for too many. Stressful relationships, stressful job, chaotic life, bad habits, an uneven way of lifestyle and they all pile up to the amount of stress. There are some simple and easy ways that you can all start doing immediately to bring your stress levels under control. Even I am no alien to stress and the effects of it on my life. I made some drastic changes which I will be discussing with you all today through this article.

What are the changes I brought and how they helped me overcome Stress?

I first gave time to think and understand all the factors that are stressing me, I tried to simplify my life, I reduced my workload, I started distributing my time to multiple activities during the day, exercise is the very important part that I adapted, healthier eating, timely eating and good sleep. These are the first few things, which I implemented in my daily routine. I have noticed, they can really transform the way you live, I mean more a positive way.Importance of Stress-Free Life  

How to do all this?

We should understand one thing, there is no need to rush into things. So, one thing at a time will give us the scope to accept the change as our habit and we can go gradually to bring one new change in a month. This I cannot assure, will work for one and all, but surely changes will have a positive impact on everyone. Since each person is different from the other, we can choose the ones that fit and works for us.

So let us see them one by one, which you can try one after the other. But only one at a time.

 Here are the Simple ways to overcome stress:

One step at a time It is the simplest and best way to start de-stressing yourself that can be started right away. Try to focus as much as possible on doing one thing at a time. Clear your mind and body from all distractions. If you have decided to go with one thing, just do that. Try to keep your gadgets and notifications off to reduce the disturbances. There will be temptations but keep following the point that one thing at a time, you’ll soon make it your routine.

Streamline your schedule: An organized and simplified schedule can reduce a lot of stress. Prioritize the essential ones leaving the others. Learn to say a no and get out of the rest that isn’t as beneficial. Commit only a few things for the day and give break to each task and give room and time to rest and fun.Importance of Stress-Free Life  

Always rest your mind but keep an active body: Exercising and moving your body plays a very significant role.Walking, playing a sport, jogging, swimming, running hitting the gym, yoga, anything would do.Don’t just do it to reduce stress but also do it to have fun.

Cultivate one healthy habit every month: Getting active is not just enough, improving overall health will help to overcome the stress. Remember, one habit at a time. Replacing fruits and veggies in the place of snacks is a very good move. Quit bad habit like smoking. Dinner should be simple and light and importantly healthy. Drink water instead of any aerated drinks.

Do stuff that relaxes you: keep a list of things that keeps you calm as you enjoy. Many people enjoy the activity, exercising, but many others also enjoy taking a nap, or a warm bath, swimming or reading or listening to some music, some even enjoy cooking, housework, or gardening. Some prefer meditation or take a stroll with their dog, nature walk to soothe their senses. So one can try one activity each day.

Fun filled activities: Join your kids to the playground, going for shopping with family, cycling with friends around the parks or sunbathe in beaches, or just spend some response time within oneself. Just enjoy window shopping, dining out. I bet being around strangers and still being within oneself and relaxing is a great stress buster.

Be Creative: Creative activities are so many and it is a great way to reduce stress. One can indulge in writing, drawing, painting, music, instrument learning, making pottery, interior designing, or just doing a whitewash to your house involving all family and kids gives you happiness and relieves you of stress.

Be Early: Try to be early as being late to events and places can be stressful. Try to reach before time or schedule can give more space and time to adjust fast. If you go to work-related places early it can give some time to even prepare well.Importance of Stress-Free Life  

Clearing things: This is one of my favorite activity. I like to take one room at a time in a day to get off the stuff that I do not need and use anymore. I take a deep look at things that are piled up and try to get rid of them only to send them to a better place where they may be of use. This benefits me in two ways, gives more space in my home, peaceful, nice environment to work, play or live and at the same time gives the immense satisfaction that it is sent for someone else to use. This really relaxes my nerves and keep me from stress.

Burst out: Once in a while, it is good to cry, it makes you feel much better. Crying helps in many ways, it heals us emotionally and protects from physical suffering. It is also said, that tears are like the blood of the soul.

Adopting a pet: It is a very good option to adopt a pet. Doctors, advice that stroking your pet, any domestic pet, like dog, cat, rabbit, Cow, can help you to come out of stress.

Yoga for Life- Yoga to destress: Yoga, a guide to your ill health. It builds strength, body flexibility, soothe your mind. It calms your breathing and the techniques used to breathing relaxes your mind and body. We can say, proudly that yoga, is a form of body, mind and spirit exercise.

Quit caffeine: Coffee, drinks, tea increase more stress to your life as they contain caffeine which acts as a stimulant. This puts you always in depressed mode and inactive. Instead, you can try herbal drinks or green tea, fresh fruit juices. They will keep you refreshed and relaxed always.

Expression and Communication is the key: Try to communicate with a close family member or a friend if u find it difficult to resolve yourself. Expressing helps you remove worries from your shoulders and psychologically it makes you feel much better. Sometimes, your family or friend may offer you a solution that can solve your problem. So, it is always better to share, to get a different perspective or a better advice.Importance of Stress-Free Life  

No Alternative to Sleep: There is a saying, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Similarly, all work and no rest is only leading to stress. By sleeping enough both your body and mind will be ready for the demands of the next day.

Help Someone, Volunteer: For once, keep the focus elsewhere, on someone else other than you. Try involving in cause-related activities, helping someone in need, or someone who need your care, or even a person who is equally stressed out like you, lend a helping hand. This can put you off from taking the stress and deviating your mind from something else that satisfies you.

Be Happy for what you have: Try to recollect all things that you have in life, the people who are around you, your success. This will enable you to be more thankful and grateful, it will unknowingly destress you.

Quit Negativity: Try to talk positively to yourself, negative self-talk disempowers you. Tell yourself that you can do it, you can achieve things, and your life has a meaning. Talk positively that you can achieve anything all by yourself and help the people who care about you.

Consult a doctor if it is serious: If you think that stress is leading you to depression and you are getting addicted to anti-depressants, then it is a very serious issue. Immediately, take a consultation with the doctor for help.

Pursue Spirituality: Studies found people who are in spiritualism experienced less stress than those who have believed in God. Occasionally visiting the temple, or church or joining some yoga groups, meditation helps. Spirituality is of many forms, we can opt the one that appeals us.

Acupuncture an Option not to forget: This is a traditional Chinese method of treating people with stress. Try taking an appointment with a nearby practitioner.Importance of Stress-Free Life  

Acceptance destress you: Learn what you can and can’t change. Sometimes, some actions and behavior of someone or sometimes, the situations itself are beyond our control. We should be ready to accept them, to avoid stress.

Appearance Matters: Look at yourself, are you overweight? Are you grooming yourself well, caring yourself to look good and appealing? This can bring drastic change and boosts confidence in you. Make an effort to lose weight, every effort will be rewarded and you will be stress-free.

Always be ready with a plan B: Every time it is not our way, life doesn’t always work the way we want it to. It’s always better to have a plan B, or C or even D. The stress caused out of disappointment can be avoided. Man is known to adapt himself to situations.

Learn to be practical than perfectionist: We are not the superheroes of the silver screen. We have to understand that nobody is right and at all times. Trying to be a perfectionist can complicate your life and be stressful. Do what u can do to its best, go that extra mile when it really counts. But remember to say enough is enough.

Letting go of someone or something: It is pretty stressful to hold on to a partner or a person who is causing you tension. Sometimes, it would be better to move on to feel better.

Look at life as Journey and not a Final destination: Look at life only as a journey, sometimes you may have lost your path, don’t stress!Accept, it is only a journey and not the final destination. Try to enjoy each turn and mode life offers you as fun.Importance of Stress-Free Life  

Lastly, But definitely not the last in life

Simply your life: Keep things simple. Don’t overdo anything. Keep one phone, do not overload your wardrobe with clothes that you never wear. Whether it is things or people, ensure that whatever and whoever surrounds you, are there to give you pleasure and happiness.

Time to take a call …

When stress continues over a period of time, it eats you off, this can be devastating to your life. It is important to implement ways to remove stress than having knowledge of removing stress. If you guys think the article helped you substantially, or even if you still have any doubts to clear, please share your thoughts and views on our website, or on Facebook.

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